Claim your Media Room

Did you ever dream of having your own media room but could not afford or not having the proper space or time? Introducing DMR. It’s the next best thing. Why not having a Digital Media Room as an alternative? Did you ever wish that you could watch your favorite rental movies, live music concerts, and yes even sport’s games broadcast with your buddies, friends, and social media fans anytime and anywhere? Could you imagine being really there and share the laughter, gossip, & drama in real-time even if you are a world apart as if you were literally in the same room watching the same content? Now, you can - virtually.

Sign up is FREE. After sign up we’ll setup your own DMR for 120 Minutes complimentary use. Keep your DMR a secret. But if you invite and share with your closest friends, each invite adds an additional 120 Minutes use. It’s our way of thanking you for referrals.