iSocialTV Tips

Important Notice: Internet is NOT a perfect connectivity world. Many things can and will go wrong. Unfortunately it is beyond service provider’s control. While we provide 99% up-time at the service level, many unpredictable hiccups may occur. Example: We live with our satellite or mobile service provider having frozen or faded signals. We accept and embrace technology with all of its imperfection while strive for making it better. Here are few pointers that could help you in case you experience difficulty. Acid Test: delete your browser cache files and refresh your page - quickest way to resolve issues.

Video Calls

You are making a video call over Internet. 
Calls may drop if Wi-Fi signals degrades. Refresh page in case bandwidth is affected or contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for upgrade. For more than 2 video, 512Kbps is required and 2Mbps is recommended.

Voice Call

Making VoIP call is easy.  When bandwidth is limited, simply freeze your video. Roll over your mouse to your picture.  Ask other video parties to do the same.  Now you are on VoIP channel.  You may experience latency due to bandwidth limitation.  Consult your ISP for upgrade.


Your interactive invitees may have slower than recommended bandwidth due to many unknown reasons.  Location, ISP, network access are just a few examples.  In case of difficulty, here are a few ways to improve connectivity: 

  • Check attendee bandwidth speed.  Located in “requirements”.
  • Quick refresh:  Close the one with audio video and allow 10 seconds.  Drag them back into video holder.  You will have a new connection.
  • Proper refresh: Ask invitee with latency close browser.  Delete cache files from own browser.  Re-enter in the room again.
  • Since each video is transmitted as a packet of data, ask one experiencing latency to close video and switch to VoIP mode only. Simply roll over video and click on webcam icon.  To undo, repeat the same.


Boot User

If you have an uninvited guest and do not wish to have them, select the arrow next to audience name.  Click on boot.

Ban User

Ban anyone who is not welcomed by IP.  To Unban, visit CMS & Account Manager.  Choose Spam and remove.

Private Chat

If permitted by moderator, guests may conduct private chat with select audience during an interactive session.

Room Restart

Room restart is great to set a new connection. All guests including moderator will have to re-enter.

Ring a Bell

Well, you know what do do.


Optional Screencast

There are several ways to broadcast your screen.    We suggest a different computer and screen (consumes a lot of CPU and Memory which will affect your broadcast). As an open system, we recommend the following online or software services:

  • – Paid service (one of our favorites with 12 screen point of entry)
  • Join.ME – Free Trial - Paid service
  • YouTube – Free (complex but can be done)
  • NCH Software Debut – One time purchase

Live Streaming

Depending on purchased plan, you have several ways to broadcast live events:

  • YouTube Live - Free
  • CDN (e.g. Akamai, Limelight, Octoshape)
  • Generic (requires RTMP
  • Adobe Flash Media Encoder Live



Your service provider could provide both cloud and CDN storage services.  The storage is ideal for private and right management content. 


Room Invite

Your room invite comes from our registered SMTP mail servers.  These outbound servers may not be a part of your recipients’ white list.  Hence they may end up in junk mail.

In order to mitigate the likelihood of having your invitation blocked by junk filter or arrive in junk box, here is the simplest way.

Create an invite.  Send it to yourself.  Forward to your invitees’ right from your own inbox email account.  Make personalized edit if required.  Your invitation will arrive in invitees’ inbox with greater certainty.

Test Bandwidth

To ensure the best quality under requirements there is a “Test Bandwidth” utility.  This utility allows you to ping directly to the interactive services and giving you a true measure of uplink and downlink.  The minimum requirement for guests should be 512 while room moderator should have a minimum of 1Mbps. iSocialTV does work for many networks such as 4G / LTE / Wi-Max / Wi-Fi / Broadband and Satellite. Those with less than 512Kbps can participate but will experience latency and less frame view.


Ideal for interactive guests and moderator in particular sticking to timeline for their webcast and live cast events.


Issue a ticket for further inquiry.